Spring conference season wraps up

The spring conference season has wrapped up and we participated in some great conferences!

In April, Dr. Pamenter was a Featured Speaker at EB2017 in Chicago where he presented Lisa’s work on the role of HIF in regulating ventilatory responses to hypoxia in naked mole rats. He also presented a poster with the help of the lab’s youngest member, 5 month old Samara. Dr. Pamenter was also awarded the Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology section’s New Investigator Award from the American Physiological Society!

In May, he kicked off the Peter Hochachka memorial satellite symposium of the annual CSZ meeting in Winnipeg and then also presented Alexia, Chelsea, and Aaron’s work examining behavioural responses to hypoxia in naked mole rats at the general meeting. It was an exhausting few weeks and now it’s time to write all that data up!IMG_0512

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